HSG st.gallen, 2015

Performance Design ­ – Organizing Affective Experience on Campus

co-teaching with Björn Müller and Sara Strandvad

Autumn Semester 2015, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland

The notions of ‘performance’ and ‘performativity’ have developed as key notions of in(ter)vention and efficacy in artistic and organizational fields alike. Managers shape and organizational theorists research the performance of workers and institutions, while engineers and IT specialists create high performance technologies. The ‘experience economy’ therewhile has discovered the potential of understanding the performative nature of both production and consumption and seeks to design consumer experiences. It thereby resorts to approaches and methods from social and cultural studies as well as performance art and activism.

The course is an experience‐based and hands‐on engagement with the notions of performance and performativity within artistic and organisational contexts. Leadership and group skills are enhanced through the intensive group work and a supporting supervision from the lecturer’s side. A closing session serves to foster collective reflections especially on the various notions of performances that made up a group project and its resulting performance.

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