Danish National Art School, 2015

WALKWORKS / Workshop / Martin Schick

Politics of a different walk.

With WALKWORKS, the former dancer/performer/choreographer Martin Schick, returns to intense body work, far from the stage and representational forms. He moves towards a confrontation with the ‚outer space‘, focusing on group processes and collective experiences.

WALKWORKS is a series of experiments, all starting from the simple and basic idea of walking. The workshop consist different approaches, thematically connected. During the workshop, each participant creates his own ‚Walk Work‘, that he/she will present to the others. One of these projects will be selected within a group process and will then be further developed and implemented in front of /with a public audience.

Formats and composition models of ‚Walking‘ in art history, from Tehching Hsich to Francis Alÿs… as well as f.ex. the ’semionautic practice of Nicolas Baurriaud, are thematized and will underline the physical approach. Meanwhile we’ll look at the relationship between the individual and the collectivity in the contemporary city, including the distance between things and living organisms.