Radical Living I-X

Forced realities… alternative thinking.

RADICAL LIVING is the initiation of a long-running series of first-hand investigations on alternative think- ing, acting and ways of living, performed by the Swiss artist Martin Schick. It is an attempt to extend and radicalize the performative, to get rid of the representational position and to question the increasing pressure to produce, to be produced and to become a product.

After the full series of residencies (1-10), the developed material, containing a diversity of approaches to- wards the idea of the ‘radical’, rather subtile and unexpected, will be collected and documented in form of a book. Parallel to the publication, there will be an exhibition in a former military bunker in the mountains of switzerland. Artists and/or ‘people’ will be invited to expose a work related to the radical idea and the collec- tion will be enclosed in a bunker in the Swiss mountains (= inhibition). The audiences of the residency places will be invited and the exhibition will be waiting to be captured by some brave audience members who make the journey.

Supported by the european network WEB 2014, including Fierce Festival Birmingham, Gessnerallee Zürich, N.N.

radical living iglu


‚I prefer not to‘ or: The power of resistance and postitive passivism

(Residency during the Fierce Festival Birmingham / October 2014)



Postindustrial Thoughts

(Residency at Gessneralle Zürich / February 2015)