Nomad (Thinking) Residency

Nomad (Thinking) Residency is an ongoing artistic residency program run by the swiss artist Martin Schick, popping up irregularly at rather unusual places for rather unusual kind-of-artists. Starting point was a 1-month residency exclusively for clowns on a camping site in 2017. The project aims to co-exist within most different contexts, each time reacting to the given situation, aiming to challenge the notion of art residency, discussing and stretching the idea of what a residency is and can be, as much as what an artist is and can be.

# 1

Clowns-In-Residence / Camping Eymatt Bern CH / International Festival out+about / 24.4. – 20.5.2017

# 2

Artists-In-Distance / Weltausstellung Schwarzsee CH / Festival Belluard Bollwerk International, CoCA Christchurch / 6.6.-7.7.2017



NOMAD (THINKING) RESIDENCY is looking for an


to spend a non-physical art residency in a swiss mountain valley in the frame of the international Art Festival Belluard Bollwerk/ in cooperation with CoCA Christchurch,  while being physically present at home.

A bilocal residency project: The selected artist will be asked to investigate digital communication, quantum motion and telepathy as an artistic practice and send his/her results from home to the off grid place Black Lake in Switzerland.

Artist-In-Distance aims to reflect on the relation of global thinking & local living, to save travel costs and reduce carbon emissions, to produce poetic and funny side effects and to initiates beautiful long-distance (artistic) relationships.

Open Call: Artist-In-Distance
Duration: 12 days
Timeframe: 06. – 18.6.2017 (part time)
Salary: 700 EUR
Physical location: Wherever you are

Exhibition space: Black Lake, Switzerland

Please send a short application to the following address: