Made For Italy

customized performance project

By Martin Schick. In collaboration with Viviane Pavillon. Made in Switzerland. Made for Italy (Festival Uovo).

The budget of the swiss culture export artist is invested within 5 days in the italian economy and people. They are playing humorously with clichés around these 2 confronting cultures, turning them into real actions and consequence, while a famous art work serves as a template for a staged group picture.

Regalo! Questo spettacolo e fatto per voi! MADE FOR ITALY è una forma sperimentale di un approccio culturale, praticato direttamente nel palco, adattabile a qualsiasi città in Italia!

World Premiere @ UOVO performing arts festival, 27.03.2015

Language: (easy) italian language
Duration: 30 mn.
Production: INGOODCOMPANY production, designed for TRANS in the frame of „Via Vai“ by Pro Helvetia, including UOVO and festival PERFORMA
MADE FOR ITALY will be exclusively performed in Italy. But can be adapted to other nations in crisis, where swiss money counts more than ever and the weather is nice and the food is good and the people are beautiful. Bookings:

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