Corporation, Inc.

lean start up performance

CORPORATION,  INCORPORATED was and will be created through several meetings with a potential future audience, aiming to build a supportive and participant community around this art project. The uncommon production mode implies not only new ways of production and financing in a sustainable sense, but also the disruption of the old relationship between the spectator and the spectacle, creating a room of experiment and investigating new ways of being together. 

The project reacts to general culture cuts in Europe and the increasing influence of private capital within the arts. Here, the artist proposes a new genre of art practice: ‚Production Art‘.

The performance then, once elaborated, presents itself as a business, using terms and strategies from the future oriented business world, but giving them another meaning within this performative context.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Location: Foyer, Meeting Room, Small stage

Partners (so far): Kultuurfaktorij Monty Antwerp/ PSA Power Station Of Art Shanghai/ Hongkong Arts Center/ Cialo/Umysl Warsaw

Credits: Concept and Performance: Martin Schick / Production: Martin Schick and the shareholders / Thanks to: Kulturtage Thalwil, where the whole thing actually started