45-minutes performance

by Martin Schick & a guest dancer from an ‚economically troubled country‘

Applied investigation about the relationship between do-gooders and charity. Money is becoming a prop to expose the art of sharing, driven to the absurd.

Discover the beauty of sharing! HALFBREADTECHNIQUE is a funny and mind-triggering performance guided by Martin Schick, performing artist from Switzerland, who is performing a performing artist from Switzerland. As a result of an investigation about living in „post-capitalism“ this event raises the question of how much we need for our own personal prosperity and investigates the „more“ in the „less“. Halfbreadtechnique was first introduced to the public at Julidans Amsterdam 2012 and is since then on tour all over Europe to gain people’s heart. And money… An unusual event that might change your evening program completely!

Language: English or German or French or Italian
Budget: Pay as much as you want!

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/71567613 (PASSWORD: share economy)

Halfbreadtechnique on tour:

JULIDANS, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Danish National School of Arts Kopenhagen, Denmark

Riga Festival Time to dance, Riga, Latvia

Tanztheater International Hannover, Germany


Culturescapes 2013

GanzNewFestival Zagreb, Croatia

Bitef Theatre Belgrade, Serbia

Lokomotiva Skopje, Macedonia

POPart Johannesburg, Southafrica

LAND Live Art Festival Capetown, Southafrica

Maputo Dance KINANI, Maputo, Moçambique (DIY Version)

Tanzwerkstatt Europa München, Germany

FIND – Festival NUOVA DANZA, Cagliari, Italy 2015

PSA Power Station Of Art Shanghai, China

Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong

Staatstheater Mainz, Germany

CULTURE SYMPOSIUM , Goethe-Institut, Weimar, Germany

Cialo/Umysl, Warsaw, Poland



Photo by Bernie Ng, courtesy of Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore  

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